Shining stars are on display at Southport Shopping Center for World Mental Health Day

SHINE EXHIBITION: “Shining through the Golden Season” was presented at the Wayfarers Shopping Arcade
A team of shining stars presented their exhibition to mark World Mental Health Day.

Hayley Coggins, founder and creator of the Shine programme, and children from schools in Lancashire including Eccleston Primary School, Mere Brow Primary School, Banks Methodist Primary School and Newburgh Primary School, recently performed “Shining through the Golden Season” at Wayfarers Shopping Arcade in Southport.

The children attended the opening of their exhibition during the mid-term holidays and received the Shine Artist Awards in the presence of their proud families. Hayley said: “The children and their families were so happy to have attended this special event and it was such an encouragement for the children to see their colorful creations in the spotlight.”


Wayfarers Shopping Arcade visitors and businesses were also inspired by the Shine exhibit.

The Shine program promotes well-being in education by empowering children of all ages and abilities and improving their confidence and self-esteem. Hayley uses a range of expressive arts and holistic wellness interventions to engage children, taking them on a reflective journey to build their emotional resilience and self-esteem.

YOUNG ARTISTS: Visitors and businesses at Wayfarers Arcade were inspired by the Shine exhibit.

The programs are also designed to develop skills in teamwork, mindfulness, and creative enterprise. In addition to group workshops, Shine encourages children to create meaningful artwork to mark international empowerment days.

The Shine exhibition marked World Mental Health Day in a creative and inspiring way by using recycled materials to show the value of spending time in nature and embracing the golden season. The exhibit is now on display at St Marks Medical Centre, Southport to inspire all patients and practice staff.

Hayley said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring Shine into the local community as a way to uplift hearts and minds. It’s hoped the nature exhibit will help nurture positive emotions towards the environment. medicine to soothe anxieties and make it feel like a good experience.

PROGRAM FOUNDER: Hayley Coggins, Founder and Creator of the Shine Program

“The benefits of nature for our mental health and well-being are so varied, from improving our mood, to increasing feelings of calm and relaxation, to natural stimulation and release endorphins. I have a huge passion for inspiring people of all ages through creativity and each change of season has a special message to empower us.

“We would like to express a huge thank you to Yvonne Burns and her team at Wayfarers Shopping Arcade and St Marks Medical Centre, Southport, for giving us the opportunity to shine and inspire the Southport community. We look forward to to organize other Shine exhibitions and events in the new year.”

Submitted by the Shine Program

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