Rise Against Suicide campaign in Star ads

This initiative will culminate with the UK’s first “Pub Pilgrimage” on Sunday 4th December 2022 which will take place in 13 locations across the country. Fans will embark on a 5,151m march, with each step representing a man who took his own life last year.

More than 5,000 men in the UK and Ireland committed suicide last year, accounting for 74% of all suicides. Despite this, men are half as likely to seek mental health support, as 14 men commit suicide every day.

It comes after the charity revealed that 85% of men do not usually discuss their feelings with other male friends in pubs and bars, despite these being selected as their favorite hangouts.

Friendly spaces

HUMEN Founder River Hawkins said, “We all need friendly spaces to talk, listen and connect. Ads are the lifeblood of communities, but as our research tells us, they’re currently wasted on men – who apparently would rather talk about something other than their personal trials and tribulations.

“We truly believe that this type of gathering place can play a significant role in the fight against suicide and mental health, if we harness it for good, rather than the traditional ‘drink and forget’ mentality that plagues people. male social circles.
“This is what our partnership with Heineken aims to achieve next December. This is the second year of our Rise Against Suicide and we plan to rise every year for years to come. Talking openly to friends, family and professionals is an essential step in overcoming hidden issues and obstacles in our quest to reduce the number of suicides and, therefore, reduce the number of meters we will run next year.

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