Oxford Capital has backed a digital health company in an effort to provide better access to mental health services

Founder Charlie Wells was 29, newly married and enjoying a successful career in healthcare marketing when he suddenly suffered a severe brain injury. He fell into a coma and his wife and family were told the chances of Charlie waking up were low. Against all odds, and thanks to groundbreaking surgery, Charlie survived – although it took him a year to relearn basic skills he had lost like reading and walking. Charlie commented “I promised myself that if I was doing well, I was going to invest my energy in three things: staying happy and healthy, in the relationships that mattered to me, … and thirdly, ‘clearing up’ the world and making it a better place. .” Three years later, he was running 100 km ultramarathons. While monitoring his own recovery, Charlie became more interested in the world of self-improvement and neurotechnology.

It was a key part of the journey that inspired Charlie to create HelloSelf, an online service that aims to connect users with their ideal mental health professional and provides AI-enhanced online support between sessions. .

Mental health charity Mind has estimated that one in four people will experience some sort of mental health problem each year. HelloSelf focuses on early intervention and ongoing support for those in need, both online and in person, enabling people to recover faster and stay healthy longer. While patients may find they wait 12 months for an NHS appointment and 12 weeks for a private appointment, HelloSelf cuts that time to just 2 weeks, delivering valuable care to those who need it much faster. .

Charlie is an experienced entrepreneur whom Oxford Capital is proud to have supported since 2018. Today, HelloSelf provides treatment to thousands of people each month and, through its employer program, looks after 250,000 employees in their offering immediate access to psychological support. In addition, he works with several insurers such as Vitality and Bupa.

HelloSelf aims to provide more effective therapy, with shorter waiting times, all supported by ‘HAIPY’, their AI system designed to assess, formulate and interact with individuals. HelloSelf also encourages people to interact with the platform daily and uses NHS-approved clinical tools to measure results weekly. Delivering thousands of sessions each month, there is certainly evidence to say that the estimated 1.8 billion people who could benefit from mental health care (according to Mind) will reap the rewards of more accessible resources and clinicians thanks to HelloSelf. .

David Mott, founding partner of Oxford Capital, said:

“At Oxford Capital, we are proud to have supported Charlie and his team from the start of their mission to provide mental health support to those in need. Our support the founders The strategy is focused on helping businesses with a strong vision to reach their full potential and it has been great to support HelloSelf on their growth journey to date. We look forward to working with the team to help even more people protect and improve their mental health.

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