‘Madras Eye’ infection cases are increasing in Tamil Nadu. Here’s what’s causing it

Following the rise in conjunctivitis cases in the state, the Tamil Nadu health department has alerted people to the highly contagious infection, also known as ‘Madras Eye’. The state reports approximately 4,000 to 4,500 daily cases of eye infections.

Tamil Nadu Minister of Health, M Subramaniam, has advised people infected with conjunctivitis to self-isolate to prevent the infection from spreading.

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With the onset of the northeast monsoon, around 1.5 lakh people have been diagnosed with conjunctivitis in Tamil Nadu, the minister told HT. He also informed that at least 80 to 100 people are diagnosed with conjunctivitis every day at 10 eye care centers located in the capital, Chennai. Districts like Salem and Dharmapuri are reporting higher cases, HT reported.

It should be noted that Tamil Nadu is plagued by an active monsoon system. Due to the continuous rainfall, cases of conjunctivitis have steadily increased in the state. The northeast monsoon is currently bringing heavy rains to the state and dropping the mercury to 22 degrees Celsius in Chennai.

At least 500 patients suffering from conjunctivitis visit Dr Srinivasan G Rao, Senior Ophthalmologist and Regional Head of Clinical Services at Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital in Chennai daily, HT reported.

According to Dr. Srinivasan G Rao, the main reason for the increase in the number of cases is the prolonged rainfall. 90% of total cases are caused by adenovirus infection. People infected with ‘Madras Eye’ may experience redness, itching, irritation and grit in the eyes. They may also face the problem of watery discharge from the eyes similar to tears. Spread of infection to another eye is very common. Infection increases rapidly in children.

Conjunctivitis is caused in two ways. It is caused by either bacteria or a virus. Madras Eye infection is spreading rapidly among people. It spreads through secretions from the eye. One of the most common habits of people with conjunctivitis is touching their eyes. However, this can lead to the spread of the infectious virus or bacteria to another person or object that comes into contact with the secretions.

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