A psychological thriller that screams that mental health is serious!

The lost patientalso known as The patient, is a French thriller that depicts the life of a 19-year-old boy named Thomas, who recently woke up from a coma, and his pursuit to find out who killed his family. The film, with Txomin Vergez (Thomas Grimaud), lasts approximately 1 hour and 33 minutes. The lost patient is based on a story written by Timothé Le Boucher and directed by Christophe Charrier.

The full cast of the film includes Txomin Vergez as Thomas Grimaud, Clotilde Hesme as Anna Kieffer, Rebecca Williams as Laura Grimaud, Audrey Dana as Betty Grimaud, Stéphane Rideau as Marc Grimaud, Matthieu Lucci as Dylan and Alex Lawther as Bastien. The music for the film was directed by Alex Beaupain, the photography by Pierre Baboin and was produced by Juliette Sol and Stromboli Films.

The Netflix description reads:

Truth and memory collide in this dark on-screen adaptation of Timothé Le Boucher’s graphic novel as a young man confronts his trauma — and his demons.

-The Lost Patient review contains no spoilers-

The film begins with four children playing in a neighborhood when they accidentally hit their ball inside the Grimaud house. It is discovered that the whole family is dead when one of the children goes to get the ball. Then we go to the next scene, where fortunately only Thomas Grimaud survived, but he wakes up after 3 years of coma. With the help of a therapist named Anna Kieffer, Thomas reminisces to find the killer.

The film is a perfect blend of thriller and mystery, as the ending can only be revealed near the end. If one has read the book before, then the ending is familiar, but watching the characters come to life is a great way to dive deep into the story. The plot twist towards the end had a huge impact and underscored that mental health issues should always be seriously considered.

The Cinematography, Cast, And Music Of The Lost Patient Sends Chills Up Your Spine

An image from the movie “The Lost Patient”

In the film, we don’t see many secondary characters or unnecessary additions. Given the number of actors, the character of each played a major role. Each character showed a different identity which added to the ending. What fascinated me was how the characters initially described as “good” unwittingly played the bad guy in the protagonist’s life.

The cinematography and music are excellent. From the film’s intro with the eerie music to the thundering scenes, creepy stairways, and hospital rooms, all backed by macabre music, the film is sure to have audiences hooked to find out what’s to come next. Surprisingly, there’s no jump scare, but there’s always a tingle waiting to see where the story leads.

The Lost Patient Fuels Mental Health, The Importance of LGBTQ & Relationships

Depicting an LGBT+-related scene in 2001 (the film is set in this time period) is certainly a risky move. As we should know, France became the 13th country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2013 after years of fighting. As the film is set in 2001, this particular scene plays an important role as Bertrand Delanoe, a politician who came out as gay, was elected mayor of Paris at that time. Bringing such a scene to life is a great way to engage the public in a historical investigation into the lives of LGBT+ people in France.

Speaking of sanity, the portrayal of Thomas and Anna herself is a major boon in the movie. Thomas, his nightmares, his sleep paralysis, the loss of his loved ones and his desire for friendship are all wonderfully shown. When Thomas feels happy with Bastein, another patient, it clearly shows how much Thomas needs love and communication. He is also seen to let go of his sadness when he is with Bastein.

Examination of the lost patient
An image from the movie “The Lost Patient”

Anna’s character is an excellent representation of what a therapist should be like. Her intense care to give Thomas new life is greatly illustrated by the way she goes to extreme lengths to hide the truth from him. She stays by his side, helping him discover the truth on his own so he can process his grief and move on with his new life.

In the film, we see how broken families and lack of care from ruthless parents can affect children’s mental health. Not only that, but we also see how the loss of a loving parent can turn a child’s life upside down. Also, when parents fail to notice the mental issues they and their children are going through, the outcome can be terrible. And the film presented it well and disturbed in a good way!

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Final verdict of the lost patient

Examination of the lost patient
An image from the movie “The Lost Patient”

A breathtaking and must-see film for everyone. It’s not just a movie but, unfortunately, it’s also reality. People should make sure that their loved ones do not cross deep waters as it could become deadly. The lost patient is a wonderful film that hits the climax perfectly without unnecessary scenes or too many characters. It was so clean and precise that I wondered if the film was really an hour and a half long.

The movie is streaming on Netflix, so watch it and let us know how you feel.

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